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What do our Landlord's think?

"Palmer Capital has had a relationship with Clarendon for over five years, during which they have demonstrated themselves to be a very slick and professional service office provider who are honest, transparent and commercial in their approach. In an industry where attention to detail matters, their pride and culpability in their approach has ensured that they have been able to outperform expectations."

Steven Wright


Who we are?

Clarendon is a well established and respected medium sized Serviced Office Operator with 12 Business Centres in the South of England. Clarendon runs successful management contracts for Friends Life Ltd, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, Palmer Capital Partners and East Point (Oxford) Ltd. In addition to this Clarendon runs centres in buildings it holds on a traditional lease.
Operating over 1200 workstations and supplying services to over 500 businesses Clarendon is well established and continuing to expand at a manageable rate. The occupancies across the Clarendon centres, that have been open for at least 1 year, have been running at an average of over 90% .

What we are seeking?

Empty Space…We are looking to expand our Serviced Office network throughout the South of England to satisfy the ever growing demand for flexible workspace by enabling Landlords to offer empty properties to occupiers on licences under our professional management. In doing so we will cover the empty property overheads and generate a return for the Landlord.

What type of building would be suitable?

To start with we would undertake a brief feasibility study to ascertain whether the available premises would be suitable for use as a Service Office. The key criteria are:
Floor plate
Further considerations are; other  local business centres, dilapidations, building facilities, condition, car parking, public transport links and current level of cellularisation, if any.
The properties may be held either leasehold or freehold and should be available for a minimum of 5 years and could be either a stand alone building or floors within a building. The minimum size required would be 10,000 sq ft in London and 14,000 sq ft outside of London.
Breaks can be incorporated if the Landlord would like to secure vacant possession at anytime.
What do we do with the premises?
We run the premises as a Business Centre. In doing so we make the space more appealing to a wider range of potential occupiers whilst also generating revenue from Virtual Offices and Conferencing.

We provide monthly Management Reports, Balance Sheets, P&Ls and all required VAT reports to the Landlord.

The Costs?

The income generated will pay for all centre costs and building overheads, similar to those that would be considered in an FRI lease. This includes Clarendon’s management fee which is based on revenue and profitability.

The Income after costs..

This depends entirely on the size, location and success of the centre. In some instances we are able to generate enough income to cover the building Overhears and the ERV, or in cases where the property is held on leasehold, the rent. Often we are able to exceed this and provide surplus income to the Landlord. Our report would give a realistic forecast and likely return. It would also address any capital expenditure required to fitout the office space.

Where now?

Clarendon will undertake any feasibility study and full report at no cost and will be absolutely objective in its opinions.

If you are interested in the services we can provide please contact us today on 0845 078370