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No matter how fancy the furniture, how cool the rooftop terrace, or your vicinity to one of the nicest neighbourhoods in the country, it’s not all glitz and glamour in the world of serviced offices.

You may not notice what goes on behind the scenes of the serviced office you’re based in, or are looking for space in, but every now and then the management team have to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in to some jobs a world apart from the clean, corporate image you might perceive in front of house.

So what sort of thing are we talking about?

  1. The toilets!

Have you ever strolled in to work in the morning or been sat at your desk unawares, only to realise there is water pouring out from underneath the bathroom door? Midway through your lunch break have you been greeted by a toilet blocked more than you could ever imagine? Business centre staff have! Don’t be surprised if you see a staff member rolling up their trousers and wading through the floods; it’s a messy job, but someone’s got to do it!

  1. The kitchens!

Some people are clean, some people are messy. Some people like to share, some people keep their things to themselves. Every kitchen user is different. Should the unfortunate occasion arise that your precious mug goes missing – you know, the one the really important one that has the handle you like and the funny picture of a dog on it and that holds just the right amount of tea – somebody’s gotta find it! Passive aggressive notes, missing lunches (who are these sandwich thieves?!), and even a cafetiere hostage situation – we’ve seen it all.

  1. The car park!

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a detective, spend a day chasing people around a private car park. One time chancers and repeat offenders are often on the lookout for a free car parking space so don’t be surprised if you see a staff member chasing a car around with a “Please do not park here” sign or scouring CCTV to see who’s at fault. We want to make sure our clients arrive at work with their space ready and waiting even if it means running outside in the rain…

  1. The cleaning!

That spilled coffee on the stairs? We wipe it up. The mud trawled down the hallway? Our hoover’s at the ready! See those random black marks on the wall that nobody knows where they came from? We’ve got a magic sponge for those. (Seriously, it’s a thing.) No matter what the mess and where it is, someone is always on hand to clean it up. When the rubbish needs taking out, we flat pack all the cardboard and make sure it all fits in the bins. We’ll even climb inside if we have to!

  1. Everything else!

You name it, it’s probably been done. Whether it’s frantically franking every last piece of post in time for the postman’s arrival or chasing him down the street with a Special Delivery that needs to be sent; watering clients’ plants when they’re on holiday or helping them change a tyre; or figuring out where a random smell or sound is coming from, we’ve experienced it all.

Running a serviced office building can make the average day challenging and unexpected in an instant. Do we mind? Not at all! There’s nothing better than making our clients happy and giving them the best experience possible, no matter how dirty our hands get in the meantime.