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What your office can learn from the Six Nations teams

With the Six Nations well under way, in its 17th year in its current format, the teams are getting stuck into some cracking matches and the rugby fans among us are already seeing play that rivals what we saw at the World Cup. 

So what makes a team so good? Is it skill? Good management? Luck?

Whatever it is, we’ve taken a look at some of the ways a successful sports team can influence us in the workplace. Here are our top 5 things we can learn from the teams playing, whoever you support…

Respect the game

What the sports teams do:
A good sportsman (or woman) doesn’t break the rules. They play fairly and safely, resulting in the best version of the game possible.

What the office team can do:
Don’t break any rules. Don’t lie, cheat or steal: easy, right? Turn up to work on time and make sure all your work is done to the best of your abilities. If you have any issues, don’t let it negatively affect the rest of your team; talk it out with your manager before making any hasty decisions that could cost you or your colleagues.

Play to your strengths

What the sports teams do:
Each player has a key part to play based on their strengths and abilities. They train hard to get to the top of their game and are rewarded with points and (hopefully!) wins.

What the office team can do:
Assign roles to team members based on where they shine. Somebody’s great at working with people? Let them deal with customer service. Good with numbers? Maybe they’re the person you need to tackle that giant spreadsheet you’ve been staring at for months…

Find what you’re good at and get really good at it. Maybe take a course, read some online articles, or just practice, practice, practice.

Support your team mates

What the sports teams do:
Lost a match, been sent to the sin bin, or suffered an injury? Whatever it is, you’ll always see the top sports stars helping each other out, standing up for each other, or giving each other a pat on the back.

What the office team can do:
Is someone suffering under a pile of paperwork? Offer to lend a hand. If you know someone’s just having a bad day, maybe help them out.

Congratulate someone if they’ve been promoted, or let someone know if you think they’ve done a job well. Although we go to work to do just that - work, we’re all human so a little help can go a long way!

Be a good captain

What the sports teams do:
The best captains motivate their teams no matter what. They’re responsible for running the ship and being a firm but fair, positive role model.

What the office team can do:
According to the Association for Applied Sport Psychology in America, the best captains are caring, courageous, and consistent. Always stay passionate about the company you work for, treat all colleagues with respect, and recognise the contributions made by all team members.

Bounce back from a loss

What the sports teams do:
No matter how many times they may lose, they keep on trying. Have you ever seen a sports team give up or say, “no thanks, don’t think we’ll bother turning up for the next one”? We hope not!

What the office team can do:
The nature of the beast is that at some point in the working environment things may not go the way we planned. Instead of losing motivation, turn the negative into a positive and use this as an opportunity to make improvements where necessary, whether individually or as a whole.

So there you have it: our top 5 tips on how to take inspiration from this year’s Six Nations teams. For more information on our office space in Oxford email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0845 0870 370.