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We’re offering a free Clarendon Remote service to one lucky winner for a whole year.

Clarendon Business Centres are known for their desirable serviced offices but how familiar are you with the concept of a Virtual Office?

In this blog and 5 more to follow, we will be taking you through the 6 main components of Virtual Offices and the benefits they can provide to your business.

Each week we will be providing you with a letter; all you need to do is collect the letters and rearrange them to spell a word relating to offices to be in with a chance of winning.

“Why do I need a virtual office?”

You’ve had your brain wave moment and have found the time and funding to start up your new business. Congratulations! So, what’s next?

If you currently work from home or you aren’t ready for a serviced office, a virtual office service is the best solution for you. A virtual office provides you with a business address, reception staff and meeting rooms without the commitment of office space.

With a variety of options available from Mail Handling to Call Diversion to a Full Remote service, there is something on offer to suit every business.

The first thing you’ll need to set up is a registered address.

 “Why do I need a registered address?”

Good question. A registered address is essential to become a limited (Ltd) company and receive the following benefits:

  • Credibility – A recognised registered address in a respected business centre within a prestigious area gives your business a professional image and a great first impression. It’s an ideal way for start ups to get their foot in the door.
  • Financial Independence – A limited company is fully responsible for all its own finances. These are kept separate from your personal finances so any company failures will not affect you directly.
  • Tax benefits – Limited companies take home better pay due to better tax benefits that are available to you when your company is registered with Companies House
  • Privacy – A business’s registered address is used for statutory mailing and inspections. If you work from home, a credit inspector or HMRC representative may turn up at your house. Not ideal if you’re still in your pyjamas!

 “What’s the cost?”

Registering your address is an essential cost of starting your business so it is important to factor it in to your initial budget.

With Clarendon, for as little as £200.00 per year you can use Clarendon Business Centres as your registered business address.

“Why should I take up the service with Clarendon?”

Not only do you get all the benefits mentioned above for your business, with Clarendon you can:

  • Upgrade your service at any time to add another virtual office service such as Mail Handling and Call Diversion to your plan
  • Book meeting rooms at a client rate. This can save you up to 50% per booking and you can use rooms in any of our locations!

There is a wide choice of locations available, each with a prestigious address to suit you. We have offices in OxfordLondonBromleyBracknellBournemouth and Kingston Bagpuize.

“Now the registered address is sorted, what’s next?”

Now that you’ve set up your registered address, it may be time to think about how you will handle your incoming and outgoing post. For more information regarding Clarendon’s Mail Handling service, be sure to read our next article explaining the essential Virtual Office service.

This week’s clue is the letter G