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With just one week to go until the Macmillan Coffee Morning our resident Customer Service Manager at Airfield House took on the role of tea boy to find out how good our coffee really is, with the help of some blind tasting from a few volunteers and a variety of 6 different coffees.

The Aims of the Experiment were simple:

  1. Ensure we are providing our clients with the best caffeinated beverages.
  2. Help everyone get through Friday.

The Candidates:

Kenco Columbian Ground Coffee (Tassimo Disc)

Supermarket own brand budget Instant Coffee

Rocket Fuel Instant.

Douwe Egberts Continental Roast Instant (The regular coffee supplied Free of charge for all our clients).

Rombouts Decaf Ground Filter coffee

Lavazza Ground Coffee (Coffee Served in our meeting rooms)

Our Guinea pigs (tasters) were clear with their prediction expecting the Decaf and budget super market offering to be the least flavoursome and the two Ground coffees to taste the best.

After 15 minutes of sipping (some of these guys were taking this really seriously) the coffee had gone cold so we drew some conclusions. One of our five volunteers had a meeting and was only able to taste the free instant coffees. They confirmed our Douwe Egberts was deliciously smooth and came out top of the pack with Guinea pig number 1 correctly identifying the supermarket budget offering and the Rocket Fuel.

The next 4 Guinea pigs stepped up and it was a 100% success for our Lavazza voted the best tasting and also correctly identified; the Italians know how to make coffee. The biggest surprise was our Douwe Egberts with most people thinking this was the Tassimo machine’s Kenco Columbian Ground coffee, a great result which firms up our decision to stock this in our kitchens for our clients.

Unfortunately no one was able to identify all 6 coffees correctly. Although the extra strong Rocket Fuel was identifiable, only those used to drinking black coffee could take its intense bitterness. Surprisingly only one person managed to spot the only decaf option although it was frequently mistaken for the supermarket budget brand.

In conclusion we can advise that to make the perfect coffee for your coffee morning celebrations you opt for either a Douwe Egberts Instant coffee or - if you have a French press available - get yourself some Lavazza and make the perfect coffee following this method.

The disappointing results from the Tassimo machine may be linked to this machines ability to produce coffee at the ideal drinking temperature: many said it was a bit too cold by the time they tasted it. Maybe we should feed our tea boy some of the extra strong Rocket Fuel that comes with added guarana for extra energy to ensure all 20 cups are brewed quicker next time!  

Good Luck and Happy Fundraising for the 26th September.