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At present, Oxford is an extremely popular county, contributing £16 billion a year to the national economy and is forecasted for an increase in the level of jobs, housing and high tech industries. 100,000 new homes are expected in Oxfordshire by 2031 and the latest population estimate is around 660,000 and is growing by 1% each year.

With this increase in demand come increased pressures to the transport system, which needs to ensure that the level of transport matches this growth.

What does Oxfordshire’s transport network look like now?

Each day, Oxfordshire receives an influx of traffic, including:

-16million rail journeys to and from Oxfordshire stations
-39million bus journeys (Oxford high street carries approximately 180 buses per hour)
- The A34 carries 70,000 vehicles per day
- The M40 carries 102,000 vehicles per day
- A total of 80,000 vehicles carry 130,000 people across the ring road in 12 hours from Mon-Fri

Despite these high levels of traffic, efforts to improve the transport network have reduced by nearly a quarter (24%) over the past two decades. There are however plans in place to revolutionise the current transport routes.

How will Oxfordshire’s transport network be improved?

In his March presentation called ‘Connecting Oxfordshire’ Ian Hudspeth outlined the council’s plans to invest £800 million in improving the county’s transport network.

Included in the budget are:

-Plans to improve Oxford, Didcot and Oxford Parkway station
-Improvements to the Northern Gateway roundabout and a new road linking the A40 and A44
-Improvements to Frideswide Square and surrounding area as a gateway to Oxford
-Improvements to the M40 (Junction 9)
-Implementation of a park and ride service at Bicester
-Plans to Improvements surrounding Science Vale Oxford at Milton and Chilton interchanges

These plans are the start of Oxfordshire County Council’s efforts to accommodate the 80,000 new jobs expected by 2031, and the additional traffic these jobs will bring to the county.

(Source: oxfordshire.gov.uk)