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As you might know, we were lucky enough to be able to attend the BCA conference.

There were some excellent speakers on the day and we took some important pointers away with us at the end of the day. We especially enjoyed the talks by Vodaphone UK, NearDesk and RJ Metis.

So, what stood out about the conference?

The industry is really excited about collaborative working

We recently published an article about this as, at Clarendon Business Centres, we think it’s a concept that works wonders for entrepreneurs who would like the structure of working in an office environment but would also appreciate the objectivity gained from working in the same space as other professionals doing different things.

The BCA conference discussed flexible working and how to get people interested in working in a different and more collaborative manner.

Flexible hot desking is also taking off in the UK

A lot of the discussions seemed to focus on this a lot; and with companies such as the Slough office of Telefonica bringing in flexible working and hot desking, it’s taking off in the UK as well as in the US and being received very positively. 

We really enjoyed the day and took advantage of the chance to meet with some friendly new and familiar faces. The after dinner speaker was also excellent!

We look forward to the next conference.